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Oct 19

Reviewing a Very Fun Experience (Track Day)

By Gail Barron | Super Cars

This post is just going to be reviewing one of my favourite experiences – Track days. I’ve been on a number of track days but the last one was almost 2 years ago (which I couldn’t believe), needless to say I needed another and this week was when I got it. I was given a driving experience package from someone for my birthday and couldn’t wait to get started. It was for Aston Martins, but they kindly let me test out a whole range of other supercars and overall the experience was awesome, I’m just going to talk below about the 4 cars I tested on the track as well as the general goings on that is associated with this experience days.


Car 1 was the Aston Martin DB9 – for the individuals who don’t know what car this is… Have you been living under a rock? But anyway its a very fast, extremely stylish Aston Martin that is probably my number 1 Aston and hence why I selected it first up. You can see a picture of it below and I think you will agree it is very pretty!


After car 1 there was a slight break for breakfast, this is something I really enjoyed chatting with the owner of the event, as well as a number of others on the track day itself, these people were into supercars almost as much as me, and many of them had similar interests and were around the same age too, so that was perfect. Breakfast itself was nice enough but it was time to get onto car 2, which was my second and final Aston of the day – The Aston Martin Vanquish pictured below.


Straight onto car 3 which was my first and last Ferrari of the day, and can you guess what model? It’s pretty obviously going to be the one and only Ferrari 458 Italia. I think they had the GT version or some extremely quick version of the Italia as this car absolutely flew! One of the quickest 0-60 cars I’ve been in for a while. The Ferrari Italia is pictured below.

ferrari 458 italia

After this drive it was time for lunch and to select our final car of the day. Lunch was great and seeing everyone again was very cool, but my main focus was on the next supercar and that was one of my all time favourites – The Lamborghini Huracan, in my opinion the single best supercar of our generation (all things considered, including cost price!) This made my entire event as I was only meant to be able to drive Aston’s on this day so having these was perfect! More than that it was the fastest one I drove and had a great time too, making my fastest lap time in the Lambo as expected. Loved every single of the track day and I think if you love supercars you should get this as its great value for money and an awesome day our too.

lamborghini huracan

Jul 19

Is Ferrari the Greatest Supercar Brand of All Time?

By Gail Barron | Ferrari

Last Updated 6th August 2016: Over the past couple of months I’ve been chatting to my petrol head friends about what is the greatest supercar brand ever? There are only a handful that ever make it into the conversation and one of those is of course Ferrari. The question is, are they the greatest supercar brand ever? I have 2 opinions on this and I’m going to outline them below. This is an opinion piece that I wrote with the owner of a supercar agency who knows a bit about performance and maintenance rather than just the specs that most people associate to rate a supercar and he agrees with the general thoughts outlined below. So lets see if you do too.

Don’t get me wrong I love and hate Ferrari all at once and if you ask me to choose my favourite supercar brand of all time I think I could narrow it down to 3 which would be Maserati, Ferrari and Lamborghini but getting it any lower than that isn’t going to happen. But in this post I’ll try to outline why Ferrari was the greatest and now not so much. This may be down to corporate elements as well which is something I know a little something about!


Ferrari-Dino-206-GT-300x210The Greatest Prior to 2005

I believe Ferrari were the greatest supercar brand in the world before 2005. From the time when they started Enzo had revolutionised the industry. But then the movement forward slowed. He didn’t listen to people like Lamborghini who went on to create…. (You guessed it) Lamborghini, instantly increasing his competition. But before this time there really was no other company that even got close. The first Ferrari’s produced were cars of dreams, items so incredibly well designed and good looking that no one could ever see past their good looks (to the clutch that always broke.) And they didn’t care either. But then people started running out of money. The recession happened and people considered their high ticket item purchases more carefully…..

Not So Much From 2005 Onwards

This isn’t to say Ferrari isn’t an amazing brand as it obviously is, but they haven’t done much over the past 10 years to notably turn heads. As opposed to what Aston Martin did with the DB10 and all the Lamborghini and even new supercar brands coming into the game with the easier access to technology and better engineering knowledge!

Another reason I think they have slipped off slightly, is when you are creating a start-up business, whether this be supercars or a tiny services business, the difference is you have to hustle, grind daily. Work 14 hour days, everyday until your product either succeeds or in most cases, you fail. But when you reach the success of a globally known supercar company, then things change. Now there are so many legal, corporate boxes that have to be known and ticked before anyone can do anything, that in my opinion it has actually made things worse.

Looking into the rental markets also gives us a good idea of how expensive Ferrari Hire & general supercar hire costs start at around £500 so from that point of view they clearly aren’t the most sort after anymore. This is based on UK prices but I think this is the same worldwide, if you asked people to name the best supercar since 2000 it is unlikely that many people would select a Ferrari model and I think this is where the problem lies. Ferrari aren’t moving forward quick enough, it might seem harsh but it is the case and (in most cases) other supercar brands are, so in the next couple of years they might lose their “best brand of all time” position.

Mar 18

Super Cars – Lamborghini

By Gail Barron | Super Cars

Super cars

Cars used to be just a way of transport. They had only one purpose. As the years have passed they have become more than just a way of transport. Nowadays they can be defined as something that represents us and our identity. The choice of a car can tell a lot about us.

Believe it or not, it can tell us what color you prefer, whether you are an adventurous person or not and much more. If the super car is something you like, we can say that this defines you as a fan of the high performance.

History of Lamborghini

One of the fastest supercars in the world is the Lamborghini Huracan. The production of Lamborghini is located in Santa’s Agata Bolognese in Italy.

The company was founded in 1963 by Ferruccio Lamborghini for the purpose of producing grand touring cars to beat the competition such as Ferrari. Today Lamborghini is a well-known Italian brand of luxury sports cars. The first model was released in 1960; it was immediately described as the symbol of power and comfort.

The characteristics of a Lamborghini

Besides its refinement, comfort and power this luxurious car brand was among the first ones who had established rear wheel drive and a mid-engine layout. Nowadays you can see how enormous progress this company has made since its beginning. This company is known for producing cars with out-standing acceleration. Some models can accelerate at a quarter of a mile in only 10 seconds. It is equal to a blink of an eye. The incredible acceleration of every Lamborghini model is owed to a very powerful engine such as the 6.5-liter V12 engine.

These engines can move a vehicle from the starting position to 190 miles per hour in only 20 seconds. Therefore, the breaks are the second strongest point of this company. Build with ceramic disks in the front and the back wheels these breaks are more than enough to stop such a powerful vehicle. The only thing that is not in the center of attention is the fuel consumption. So if you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on your super car don’t even think about shopping. That is the truth, near my home-town is the San Diego Auto Broker – I asked them what the most expensive car any of them ever sold was…. Yep it was a Lamborghini (Second hand!) And still made the top of the list.

The latest models of this powerful machine

Among the latest models, the most popular are Huracan and Aventador.

This model of Lamborghini was one of the best in 2014. With the 5.2 L V10 engine, this car can accelerate from the start position to 202 miles per hour speed in a very short time. With speed qualities like this, this vehicle totally justifies its name (Spanish for “hurricane”).

This model represents a whole new level of performance. Unsurprisingly, it is strikingly rapid. It can achieve 60 miles per hour from a standstill in 2.5 seconds. This fast vehicle is something that you should have in your collection.
Whether you want to buy the newest model or some older ones, Lamborghini is the best possible choice that you can make. Besides its acceleration power, you certainly won’t be disappointed with its modern Italian design. As you have already known, the design is something that Italians pay attention to.

Mar 05

Ferrari La Ferrari – The Best From Modena

By Gail Barron | Ferrari La Ferrari

When this car appeared last year, it took us a while just to realize how powerful this machine is, and only a few had an opportunity to test it. It a class just for itself and only chosen one will get to chance to buy it.

How Enzo Ferrari changed the history of cars?

When he founded a factory, he wasn’t interested in an idea of making cars for the road. Firstly, he worked in Alfa Romeo as a manager of the racing team, when he decided to leave them, they forbid him to you Ferrari name in the four following years. 1940, Ferrari produced his first race car called the Tipo 815, and the rest is the history.

The emblem of Ferrari

The story of a rearing horse is unique and fascinating. The horse has been drawn on the body of the war plane which flew a pilot called Francesco Baraka. He died in the First World War, and when Enzo visited his family in 1923, they advise him to put a sign of a horse on his cars for good luck. The horse was black, and he only added a yellow color which is a symbol of Modena.

Why is Ferrari La Ferrari so exclusive?

It was a real challenge for designers, and the only goal was to keep a balanced proportion of the mass (41: 59%). The result is seen with a first start since the bigger part of the mass is placed between two axes, at the bottom of the car body which allows excellent management of the car. Chassis is made of four types of carbon fibers, merged into multiple layers.


Driving seat is made to be flexible, comfortable and by the precise measures of future owners and it has a similar position of sitting like from Formula 1 bolides. The steering wheel is curved towards the bottom and behind it; drivers can find buttons for changing gears.

Similarity with the 1960s model

The new model Ferrari La Ferrari closely reminds on models from 1960s, but with high definition of style and luxury. Active aerodynamics of this model plays a big part; it allows the drive to have full adaptability and keeping high performances.

The first Ferrari with HY – KERS system

La Ferrari is the first car in the history of legendary Ferrari that has HY – KERS system. Conventional engine, which is a part of a hybrid drive system, is a supreme product of long-term research and development. V12 engine is combined with an electric motor with a total output of 163 hp, which gives a combined output power of fantastic 963 hp.
The combination of these two drives allows a constant flow of power through the whole rev range. The hybrid system has batteries and two electro-motors, one is charged with driving wheels and other for the work of supportive systems on the vehicle. Batteries weight 60kg and are placed at the bottom of the car.


Batteries can be charged on various: with the use of brakes, with the activation of ABS, every time then V12 engine produces more of torque than necessary, for example, when a driver is passing a curve.

La Ferrari hits the 100mph in just 2.8 seconds maximal speed is 355 mph, and the combination of mass and power is 1.7 kg/KS. To buy this car, drivers will need to set aside incredible $1.220.000, which is an extremely large figure. This car represents a work of art, and innovation in every possible sense. Through design and performance is has secured a position on the throne for at least five years.
Mar 01

Lamborghini Huracán

By Gail Barron | Lamborghini Huracán


Last Update 18th January 2017: Lamborghini is a company that produced tractors, but due to the dispute between the owner of Lamborghini and the owner of Ferrari, they decided to enter the world of cars. Lamborghini didn’t want to build your typical everyday vehicles, and they opted for supercars, and we are grateful for that.

Lamborghini Huricán – A car that will sweep you away

Huracán is a Lamborghini that was made to replace the bestselling car from this company – The Diablo, and they did it.

This supercar is a direct descendant of Diablo, and it can be seen in the way it looks. But this model is more than that, and it has many things its ancestor lacked, and it features the latest technology in car production.
Basic Huracán costs around 240 000 dollars and the version with all additional option costs 320 000 dollars. The options that raise the price to 320k include, among the others, interior enhancements, different paint schemes, better suspension and several other components that are changed from aluminum to carbon fiber.

Two other versions of Huricán are offered at the beginning (other versions came later), LP 610-4 Polizia that is specially built for Italian Police to replace two Diablo cars that were crashed. Another version was Avio, limited edition supercar that had logos and other decals inspired by British Royal Air Force.

Huricán Specification and other trivia

Lamborghini Huracán has the same engine as the Gallardo, V10, but they tweaked it to produce around 600 hp. This supercar is one of the Lamborghinis that has its engine in the middle to ensure the perfect balance and increased performance.

This car is made for people that love Lamborghini as well as the comfort of some more luxurious cars. But in its heart, the Huracán is a supercar, and the majority of the interior gives off the feel of a flyer jet rather than a standard car.

This includes sports seats that have electric control and heating, leather upholstering and navigation system (optional). This car also comes with Lamborghini Infotainment system (first Lamborghini that featured this system), which allows full control of multiple cameras that enables the driver to switch between those cameras and see what he wants to see.

New technology packed in Huracán

Huracán has many advanced technological solutions that are perceived on this model for the first time. The most interesting piece of technology is ANIMA aka Adaptive Network Intelligent Management. This system is connected to all parts of the car, and it can be used to change the settings to give the driver the performance he desires. Several modes can be chosen through ANIMA – street, sport and race modes.

These modes allow the driver to change the behavior of the car on the go.


Lamborghini Huracán is a somewhat standard Lamborghini supercar. The addition of ANIMA made it possible to drive it around off the race track, but it still isn’t a standard car. It is a supercar, and the best place to ride it (and the place where it shows its teeth) is the race track.


I have some good news. The dealership in the UK where we work has just got…. The Lamborghini Huracan in stock! This is no lie. They have this model of car and are the LEADERS in Lamborghini rental in the UK. If you want to check it out simply go to Lamborghini Hire and do so. Great prices for one of the best cars ever built. Not a bad way to spend a sunday!

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