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Jul 19

Is Ferrari the Greatest Supercar Brand of All Time?

By Gail Barron | Ferrari

Last Updated 6th August 2016: Over the past couple of months I’ve been chatting to my petrol head friends about what is the greatest supercar brand ever? There are only a handful that ever make it into the conversation and one of those is of course Ferrari. The question is, are they the greatest supercar brand ever? I have 2 opinions on this and I’m going to outline them below. This is an opinion piece that I wrote with the owner of a supercar agency who knows a bit about performance and maintenance rather than just the specs that most people associate to rate a supercar and he agrees with the general thoughts outlined below. So lets see if you do too.

Don’t get me wrong I love and hate Ferrari all at once and if you ask me to choose my favourite supercar brand of all time I think I could narrow it down to 3 which would be Maserati, Ferrari and Lamborghini but getting it any lower than that isn’t going to happen. But in this post I’ll try to outline why Ferrari was the greatest and now not so much. This may be down to corporate elements as well which is something I know a little something about!


Ferrari-Dino-206-GT-300x210The Greatest Prior to 2005

I believe Ferrari were the greatest supercar brand in the world before 2005. From the time when they started Enzo had revolutionised the industry. But then the movement forward slowed. He didn’t listen to people like Lamborghini who went on to create…. (You guessed it) Lamborghini, instantly increasing his competition. But before this time there really was no other company that even got close. The first Ferrari’s produced were cars of dreams, items so incredibly well designed and good looking that no one could ever see past their good looks (to the clutch that always broke.) And they didn’t care either. But then people started running out of money. The recession happened and people considered their high ticket item purchases more carefully…..

Not So Much From 2005 Onwards

This isn’t to say Ferrari isn’t an amazing brand as it obviously is, but they haven’t done much over the past 10 years to notably turn heads. As opposed to what Aston Martin did with the DB10 and all the Lamborghini and even new supercar brands coming into the game with the easier access to technology and better engineering knowledge!

Another reason I think they have slipped off slightly, is when you are creating a start-up business, whether this be supercars or a tiny services business, the difference is you have to hustle, grind daily. Work 14 hour days, everyday until your product either succeeds or in most cases, you fail. But when you reach the success of a globally known supercar company, then things change. Now there are so many legal, corporate boxes that have to be known and ticked before anyone can do anything, that in my opinion it has actually made things worse.

Looking into the rental markets also gives us a good idea of how expensive Ferrari Hire & general supercar hire costs start at around £500 so from that point of view they clearly aren’t the most sort after anymore. This is based on UK prices but I think this is the same worldwide, if you asked people to name the best supercar since 2000 it is unlikely that many people would select a Ferrari model and I think this is where the problem lies. Ferrari aren’t moving forward quick enough, it might seem harsh but it is the case and (in most cases) other supercar brands are, so in the next couple of years they might lose their “best brand of all time” position.

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