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Mar 01

Lamborghini Huracán

By Gail Barron | Lamborghini Huracán


Last Update 18th January 2017: Lamborghini is a company that produced tractors, but due to the dispute between the owner of Lamborghini and the owner of Ferrari, they decided to enter the world of cars. Lamborghini didn’t want to build your typical everyday vehicles, and they opted for supercars, and we are grateful for that.

Lamborghini Huricán – A car that will sweep you away

Huracán is a Lamborghini that was made to replace the bestselling car from this company – The Diablo, and they did it.

This supercar is a direct descendant of Diablo, and it can be seen in the way it looks. But this model is more than that, and it has many things its ancestor lacked, and it features the latest technology in car production.
Basic Huracán costs around 240 000 dollars and the version with all additional option costs 320 000 dollars. The options that raise the price to 320k include, among the others, interior enhancements, different paint schemes, better suspension and several other components that are changed from aluminum to carbon fiber.

Two other versions of Huricán are offered at the beginning (other versions came later), LP 610-4 Polizia that is specially built for Italian Police to replace two Diablo cars that were crashed. Another version was Avio, limited edition supercar that had logos and other decals inspired by British Royal Air Force.

Huricán Specification and other trivia

Lamborghini Huracán has the same engine as the Gallardo, V10, but they tweaked it to produce around 600 hp. This supercar is one of the Lamborghinis that has its engine in the middle to ensure the perfect balance and increased performance.

This car is made for people that love Lamborghini as well as the comfort of some more luxurious cars. But in its heart, the Huracán is a supercar, and the majority of the interior gives off the feel of a flyer jet rather than a standard car.

This includes sports seats that have electric control and heating, leather upholstering and navigation system (optional). This car also comes with Lamborghini Infotainment system (first Lamborghini that featured this system), which allows full control of multiple cameras that enables the driver to switch between those cameras and see what he wants to see.

New technology packed in Huracán

Huracán has many advanced technological solutions that are perceived on this model for the first time. The most interesting piece of technology is ANIMA aka Adaptive Network Intelligent Management. This system is connected to all parts of the car, and it can be used to change the settings to give the driver the performance he desires. Several modes can be chosen through ANIMA – street, sport and race modes.

These modes allow the driver to change the behavior of the car on the go.


Lamborghini Huracán is a somewhat standard Lamborghini supercar. The addition of ANIMA made it possible to drive it around off the race track, but it still isn’t a standard car. It is a supercar, and the best place to ride it (and the place where it shows its teeth) is the race track.


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