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Mar 05

Ferrari La Ferrari – The Best From Modena

By Gail Barron | Ferrari La Ferrari

When this car appeared last year, it took us a while just to realize how powerful this machine is, and only a few had an opportunity to test it. It a class just for itself and only chosen one will get to chance to buy it.

How Enzo Ferrari changed the history of cars?

When he founded a factory, he wasn’t interested in an idea of making cars for the road. Firstly, he worked in Alfa Romeo as a manager of the racing team, when he decided to leave them, they forbid him to you Ferrari name in the four following years. 1940, Ferrari produced his first race car called the Tipo 815, and the rest is the history.

The emblem of Ferrari

The story of a rearing horse is unique and fascinating. The horse has been drawn on the body of the war plane which flew a pilot called Francesco Baraka. He died in the First World War, and when Enzo visited his family in 1923, they advise him to put a sign of a horse on his cars for good luck. The horse was black, and he only added a yellow color which is a symbol of Modena.

Why is Ferrari La Ferrari so exclusive?

It was a real challenge for designers, and the only goal was to keep a balanced proportion of the mass (41: 59%). The result is seen with a first start since the bigger part of the mass is placed between two axes, at the bottom of the car body which allows excellent management of the car. Chassis is made of four types of carbon fibers, merged into multiple layers.


Driving seat is made to be flexible, comfortable and by the precise measures of future owners and it has a similar position of sitting like from Formula 1 bolides. The steering wheel is curved towards the bottom and behind it; drivers can find buttons for changing gears.

Similarity with the 1960s model

The new model Ferrari La Ferrari closely reminds on models from 1960s, but with high definition of style and luxury. Active aerodynamics of this model plays a big part; it allows the drive to have full adaptability and keeping high performances.

The first Ferrari with HY – KERS system

La Ferrari is the first car in the history of legendary Ferrari that has HY – KERS system. Conventional engine, which is a part of a hybrid drive system, is a supreme product of long-term research and development. V12 engine is combined with an electric motor with a total output of 163 hp, which gives a combined output power of fantastic 963 hp.
The combination of these two drives allows a constant flow of power through the whole rev range. The hybrid system has batteries and two electro-motors, one is charged with driving wheels and other for the work of supportive systems on the vehicle. Batteries weight 60kg and are placed at the bottom of the car.


Batteries can be charged on various: with the use of brakes, with the activation of ABS, every time then V12 engine produces more of torque than necessary, for example, when a driver is passing a curve.

La Ferrari hits the 100mph in just 2.8 seconds maximal speed is 355 mph, and the combination of mass and power is 1.7 kg/KS. To buy this car, drivers will need to set aside incredible $1.220.000, which is an extremely large figure. This car represents a work of art, and innovation in every possible sense. Through design and performance is has secured a position on the throne for at least five years.
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